Texas State Capital

Traveling fills positive energy in you and makes you see the world from a different lens. It rejuvenates your life, especially if you choose to travel to Austin.

The capital city of US state Texas, Austin has so much to offer you that you will fall short of time exploring its beauty. That is why you are advised to make a list of important places to visit when planning a trip from Austin Texas Travels.

So, take a look at the following places:

The State Capitol

The State Capitol is one of the most popular tourist spots in Austin. Its construction was completed in 1888 and since then it has been able to attract many visitors from its appealing heritage look. Spread in 22 acres of grounds, this is the office of the State Governor and is also the home to the Chambers of the Texas Legislature. You will be impressed to know that it is taller than US Capitol in Washington, DC with 308 feet height.  This National Historic Landmark is a must place to visit in Austin, Texas.

Zilker Park

Spread in 351-acre, Zilker Park is a place to have fun with your family and friends. It offers you recreation area and is surrounded by greenery. You can also find Zilker Botanical garden and the Zilker Playscape, which is a perfect playground for kids too as it has special sections for them.  The Zilker Zephyr is a miniature train and a beautiful attraction for kids.

Lady Bird Lake

If you are looking for tranquility then Austin Texas Travels can offer you. You just have to visit Lady Bird Lake. This placid lake is a section of the Colorado River and covers 416 acres. Mike Klemp from MK) Ranch strongly recommends Austin for hiking enthusiasts. It has amazing trails for pedestrians and cyclists. Furthermore, its shoreline being open to the public offers a spectacular view.

Broken Spoke Bar and Dance Hall

You want to enjoy classic chicken-fried steak with beer then this Texas dive bar is a must to visit the place. It has been serving beer and fried chicken from over 50 years and still, no one is able to beat it in attracting visitors from all across the globe.

French Legation

If you are fond of visiting Austin Historic Landmark then you cannot give a miss to the French Legation. This is a historic legation building which was built in 1841 and represented the French government in Texas.


Plan a trip to Austin and you will have a pleasant time. Just make sure that you do not miss the places mentioned above when choosing Austin Texas Travels.

So, pack your bag and start your journey to Austin.