Texas is the second largest US state. It is also popular as the Lone Star State. This is a place full of bustling spots and natural assets and that is why you are advised to make a visit to Texas.

However, this time when you plan a Texas tour then do not forget to visit the following Texas tourist destinations:

The Alamo

Built by Franciscans in 1744 and by 1836, The Alamo holds significant value in the history of America. It is a part of a mission station, which was established long back in 1718 and later converted into a fort. During the Texan War of Independence, it gained popularity where a small force barricaded and fought against a superior Mexican army that included some 3,000 men. You can visit and will be able to live the historical moment that showcases the bravery of Texans.

Big Bend National Park

If you are more into enjoying the wilderness of Texas, then Big Bend National Park is a great option for you. Here you get to view the spectacular desolate landscape that includes the Chihuahuan Desert, and the Chisos Mountains.  You can also have a look at 400 species of birds in this national park, such as golden eagles and roadrunners. It offers 240 miles of hiking trails, the 17-mile-long Window Trail and the five-mile-long Lost Mine Trail. You can go for longer hikes here under the supervision of experienced guides.

San Antonio River

Passing through the heart of San Antonio, the San Antonio River is stretched for several miles and its River Walk offers you a magnificent experience. The most impressive part of this river walk is that it is constructed below the street level and offers long pedestrian walkway. You can find shops, restaurants, hotels, and many other attractions nearby.

The Moody Gardens and Aquarium

When you are in Texas then do not forget to visit Galveston’s Moody Gardens and Aquarium, which is one of the best Texas tourist destinations. The three glass pyramids including the superb Aquarium Pyramid is home to marine life from all across the globe, such as the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean, and even the Great Barrier Reef.  You can also find here the Rainforest Pyramid, which unveils to you beautiful flora and fauna from the tropics like sloths, free-roaming monkeys and many more. The Discovery Pyramid offers you hands-on science exhibits and the pleasant lagoons, water park, Palm Beach, etc. in the Moody Gardens will make you feel good.


Texas is a beautiful place which has many intriguing places to visit. Apart from the aforementioned Texas tourist destinations, there are many other splendid places like Texas Galleries and Museums, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, etc. Therefore, plan a trip to Texas and explore some of the most interesting places in the US.