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The weather in Texas varies, from very dry in the west to wet in the east. Due to its large size, Texas is home to several different climates. Regions within the state have varying climates: Northern Plains, Big Bend Country, Texas Hill Country, Piney Woods, Gulf Coast, and South Texas.

texasweather3In the west the Sierra Madre mountains and central plateau of Mexico are an effective barrier to any major rainfall reaching Texas from the south-west. The result is a sub-tropical desert along the border with Mexico, particularly along the northern stretches of the Rio Grande, south of El Paso. These arid conditions extend southwards towards the Gulf of Mexico but gradually disappear as rainfall from the Gulf reaches inland. From Brownsville in the far south rainfall increases significantly northwards along the Gulf and eventually to pine forests and to the east of Houston.

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texasweather4The coastal plain itself is a rich farming area that stretches inland to San Antonio and north towards Dallas and the Oklahoma border. Rainfall peaks at two different times of the year through most of this area, first in the early summer, in May and June, and then in September and October. From June to September maximum daytime temperatures are usually very hot with very high levels of heat and humidity. There is plenty of sunshine, with up to 10 hours each day on average through June and July. In winter it is a lot cooler and temperatures can fall significantly from time to time.

texasweather5 Winters are short but it can be bitterly cold at times, with temperatures in most places in the extreme north and west falling below freezing every night in December and January. There is however a lot of sunshine year round.

Yes, it snows in Texas!

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